Baking History...

10,000 BC:
Natufian hunter-gathers made the first known flatbread from wild wheat, wild barley and wild plant roots.
500 BC:
The first bakers shops opened in Ancient Greece. They sold akratos, a barley bread that was dipped in wine and eaten at breakfast.
Middle Ages
Bread is now a staple food, and in some pars of Europe very stale bread was often used as an plate.
The Gold Rush!
70,000 prospectors head for the hills from Seattle and Alaska with their own sourdough starters.
20th Century
Bread is now popular in America. Laws has to be passed to stop crazy people mixing it with hazardous materials, such as chalk, sawdust, plaster, and clay.
20st Century Cont.
Corporations started making bread with ingredients like ethoxylated diglycerides, monocalcium prosphate and even bleach.

For many people bread lost its way...

Essential makes bread the traditional, natural way, using clean ingredients and a 140-year-old Klondike Gold Rush starter.

That’s why we think the greatest find of the Gold Rush...

Wasn’t Gold... This is ‘Gold’

4 Ingredients.

Organic Wheat Flour.
Durum Flour.
Sea Salt.

Meet our
140-year-old Mother.

Mother: (noun)

A fermented mixture of flour and water used to leaven each loaf.
Keeping it alive takes constant care. Keeping it alive since before 1890 is a multigenerational labor our love.

#98 Kelly

Her name is Kelly and we’ve nurtured this mother starter since the Gold Rush.

Fresh Seal™ Technology Guarantees months long of freshness.